Ex Machina – Film Review

Harry Dalian Film

This movie was quite compelling because it’s set in the not-so-far-out future. A young, possibly naive, computer programmer named Caleb Smith works at the world’s largest search engine company called Blue Book. The company’s reclusive CEO invites him to his abode in the mountains – only accessible by helicopter – after Caleb won a “competition”.

Caleb arrives at the alcoholic CEO’s getaway home and is surprised to find out a few answers to his many questions: Why is Caleb there? What is really going on in this house? And who can Caleb trust?

The film wavers between humanity and robots, all while blurring the lines of reality. Even the audience is fooled between the two in regards to a few “quiet” characters. The main three characters of the film perform an outstanding work of art in Ex Machina. Each role is played extremely well and realistically.

The movie proves itself right when all hell breaks loose – leaving the audience with an interesting idea: If you create a robot that is so close to human (or more human than you, if that’s possible) you can’t keep the being locked up. Humans retaliate and have a survival instinct, when that is passed onto a robot, consciousness is born. The film tests this hypothesis and leaves people with an interesting taste in their mouths.

The whole point of Caleb is to test out the Artificial Intelligence to see if he is convinced that Ava, the A.I. has consciousness. The film undoubtedly proves this, as things get quite messy and complicated towards the end. Definitely worth seeing, it’s one of the smartest and realistic Sci-Fi films out there at the moment.