Great Films Leaving Netflix This Week

Tomorrow, on August 1st, 2014, over seventy films are leaving the Netflix database. We won’t bore you with all the titles you never would have watched anyway. Instead, here is a short list of films you should see. They are worth your while whether you have heard of them as classics, or overlooked them due to a lack of information. Here goes. Watch ’em quick.

Films Leaving Netflix


An expert art thief working as a headhunter at a major corporation, steals an invaluable painting belonging to another kind of headhunter, a mercenary. What starts out as a professional job, well executed by a familiar expert, turns into a riotous, disturbing fight for survival. The film will surprise you in how far it is willing to go to provide its characters with ultimate pain and discomfort.

Harry Dalian, BravehartIf you haven’t seen this film yet, you should. It’s not surprising that many people have not heard of it. The film came out of Norway by director Morten Tyldum and was only released in a few Art House theaters in major US cities, like the Sunshine Landmark Cinema in the SOHO area of New York City. Regardless of its limited release, the film is a superb and surprising action thriller.


The classic film about Scottish hero William Wallace, directed and starred in by Mel Gibson. Most likely you’ve seen the film, which is an utter classic and perhaps a basis for many films coming after it- Gladiator, The Patriot…

If you need a good bit of inspiration, get to the speech William Wallace delivers rallying his troops into battle.

Donnie Brasco

A Johnny Depp, Al Pacino team up to recreate the story of undercover mafia cop Donnie Brasco. The film contains some memorable scenes including the awkward gift of a lion, and feeding it endless cheeseburgers. More than anything, Donnie Brasco allows the audience to see a performance by Johnny Depp which does not capitalize on the “weird factor”, and is not balls to the wall space cadet inspired. Instead, Depp plays this one cool, and is a rare glimpse into what the actor can due when not under the spell of Tim Burton.

Films Arriving to Netflix (August 1st)Harry Dalian, Chocolat


A classic tale of love, lust, and connection all inspired by a little chocolate.

Buffalo Soldiers

Joaquin Phoenix, Ed Harris play US soldiers participating in criminal activity at their post in West Germany before the wall falls in 1990.