Germany Finally Gets Netflix

Another nail in the coffin of video rental stores was hit recently when Germany became the next big marketplace to get Netflix streaming. The mighty entertainment giant seems to be traversing a path of global domination in the realms of rentals and streaming. More focused on streaming, this is starting to be an interesting technical push forward. The expansion previously saw France get the streaming option, and now with the inclusion of Germany, a big push forward is being made by these companies as they are creating market share that is definitely on par with what consumers want.

Netflix Germany

Not Just In The U.S.

In the United States, the subscriber base jumped by more than half a million new subscribers, and over 1 million new subscribers outside of the United States. The company will be offering original programming amidst a slew of movies, and content through the streaming channel for 7.99 euros. This is not just a good thing for home viewers, the plan allows streaming through all media connected devices including smartphones, tablets, and more. This will also be added to streaming boxes in the area and are starting to get a lot of recognition throughout Europe.

The Rest of The World

Before the launch of the German expansion, the company also pushed forward in Denmark, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands, and Sweden just to name a few. The company is looking add 6 million new members by the ned of the month and are looking at gaining ground to subscribe over 50 million total. The move forward to entertainment via streams, instead of buying physical media and renting discs is quite fascinating, creating a great deal of influence in the technical world.
Even though there was a push into a new country, Wall Street didn’t see a huge jump in shares, however, they are still a strong stock that is well worth looking into. The expansion march is not ending there, as Netflix continues to have strong numbers with their streaming media, and they continue to develop new programs, and increase licensing deals across the world.