Terry Gilliam: Zero Theorem Q&A

Legendary film director Terry Gilliam’s Zero Theorem has its US release date tonight, September 19th, 2014.

To kick off the film, Terry Gilliam will be attending a screening at the IFC theater in Greenwich Village, New York City. For two screenings only, 7:20pm and 9:45pm. At the 7:20 showing, Gilliam will be hosting a question and answer session open to any that attend in the audience. While this won’t be available for the 9:45 showing, Gilliam will still be present at 9:45 to introduce the film, and bid the audience good watching before the film starts.

Terry Gilliam's The Zero Theorem

Zero Theorem

Terry Gilliam’s new film is a quirky, distopian rendition of a future, not necessarily set in our world. As you can see from the trailer, the story and plot are slightly elusive… We do know that the film stars Christoph Waltz, made famous in Quentin Tarantino’s Ingolrious Basterds and his most recent feature, Django Unchained.

The film however, was released in Italy a year ago, and thus we can gleam a plot and story from those who have seen it before. The protagonist has a mission to decipher the meaning of existence through his knowledge of hacking and computers, though his attempts to ascertain meaning are put off by a beautiful girl sent to distract him.

Terry Gilliam’s previous work includes Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, 12 Monkeys. As an actor, Gilliam was part of the original Monty Python comedy group. He later branched off to become the most successful director of the group. Though others are well known too, like John Cleese, Terry Gilliam perhaps has the most respected career in mainstream and cult film of the Monty Python bunch.

If you are still looking for tickets to the screening accompanied by Terry Gilliam, look to the IFC website, and tickets for the 9:45 showing are still available.

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