Harry Dalian

Harry Dalian, FilmWhether its hollywood, independent film, recording guerrilla flash mobs, broadway behind the scenes, or even extreme sports filmed on a GoPro, Harry Dalian has been involved with it all.

Harry Dalian Story

Born in South Queens, Harry Dalian was dragged into film by his elder brother Marcus Dalian. At age 11, Marcus decided he was going to be the lead news reporter on his own news channel, New York’s Number 1 News. Without a cameraman, Marcus looked to his younger brother, Harry Dalian, who at age eight, seemed adequately prepared to handle the film aspect of his brother’s news company.

Getting into Film

While they managed to raise enough money to buy a top of the line camera for the time by buying minimally weathered bicycles cheap during the winter and fixing them up for the spring, the real trick was getting access to such a camera. As fortune would have it (at least on their part), Al Rivens, a Director of Photography for a local public broadcasting company was also born in South Queens., and was recently let go from his job as lead photographer for “going on an art kick” and “refusing to shoot any of the in house anchors from the waste up”. Being the early 70’s, this type of resolution was not unheard of.

Marcus and his brother Harry Dalian managed to make a deal with Al after catching him at a local deli buying tuna on rye. While Marcus was willing to offer him all the money, cash, in exchange for the camera, Harry offered Al his half of the money, and proposed that he and his brother would restart Al’s career with a spot on their Network. Al ended up accepting the invitation, and allowed the boys to keep their cash. Harry Dalian subsequently paid for his sandwich.

Finding Success

While Al and the brothers trounced around Queens, camera in hand, Harry Dalian soon learned the ins and outs of the camera, shooting on film, and learning the details of exposure. Years later, Harry Dalian would become a formidable presence in the world behind the camera.

Harry Dalian’s venture into film was an unexpected turn in his life. Before film, Harry Dalian had aspirations of opening a Pizza place in Queens, which he hoped to eventually develop into a high scale chain in all the five boroughs of New York.

With his success, in his later years Harry Dalian retired and moved to East Hampton where he reads, writes scripts, and reviews film far and wide.

Harry Dalian SoundCloud

Harry Dalian now keeps a podcast regularly updated with film news, film reviews, and more. To listen to Harry Dalian’s podcast, visit his SoundCloud profile and search for his original uploads. Additionally, on Vimeo, Harry Dalian has begun reposting videos of a similar nature for your viewing pleasure.